« .. My whole life has been dedicated with passion to the understanding of music in its entirety. Not only how it’s achieved or articulated, but also in its deepest emotion in order to be able to reproduce the purpose and the energy of the Artist’s work with the utmost care and integrity.

My job is to reproduce every time that unique live moment with heartfelt passion and soul, as it were the first...»

In 1983, after my studies in sound engineering at the IAD (Institute of Broadcast Arts) in Louvain-La Neuve, Belgium, I began my career as a PA tech, working my way up the ladder. Fifteen years later I was considered the most sought after monitor engineer in Belgium, working with bands involved in all genres of music, from rock to pop, classical to jazz and acoustic to contemporary. During this time I worked in every possible musical environment gaining invaluable experience on the many acoustic and logistical challenges encountered whether working in a small theatre, a stadium, a touring production or a classical concert.

In 1996 I joined the prestigious Award Winning ANCIENNE BELGIQUE, Brussels’ most notorious music venue, as the In-House Engineer and Crew Manager.



Since 2003, I have been an established freelance FOH Engineer for top of the bill Artists worldwide. I have also produced and mixed a variety of live albums, DVD’s and TV shows.


Being firstly a musician and keyboard player, composing music and playing in a Progressive -Rock band between 1982 and 1997, I have experienced first hand what it is like to be on stage and perform in front of an audience.

Now as an experienced Sound Engineer my skills include having extensive knowledge of a very wide range of musical styles and line ups including rock, electro, jazz, metal, acid jazz and singer song-writers. I have also toured on acoustic projects, string and symphonic ensembles, grass root, retro, classic, current pop chart, rock and dance artists.

Venues that I have worked in include bars, clubs, theatres, exhibition halls, arenas, indoor/outdoor festivals and stadiums.


I have a wealth of experience working in the professional recording studio environment; this includes Protools, all the conventional plug-ins, Cubase and keyboard technology (due to my keyboard playing years) 

During my years as a FOH engineer I have gained a reputation for being an extremely competent and reliable touring member and active part of the production team and I particularly love being on tour!

« ...being able to live every moment and produce the best every night with all the passion and dedication I put into my work but always with utmost care and integrity for the artist's music

Nothing gives me more pleasure and the feeling of satisfaction than being part of a successful touring show and team.»